Download the App

The AT&T Global Wi-Fi app is required to use the international Wi-Fi service included in your qualifying package.

  1. Download

    Download the app before you travel, if possible, by clicking the link in the AT&T welcome message from your smartphone or tablet, or from the App Store. Cellular data charges may apply for download and usage.

  2. Setup

    Once you have downloaded it, open the app to register. Setup is quick. Simply follow the directions on your device.

    If you purchase your package with a future effective date and download the app in advance, you can complete setup of the app as soon as your package is effective.

Tips for iPhone/iPad

Before you open the app to begin registration, complete these steps:

  • iPhone

    Turn on Location Services (Settings → Privacy → Location Services).

  • iPad

    Turn off Wi-Fi (setup needs to occur over the mobile network). Once setup is complete, please turn Wi-Fi back on.